Friday, 21 June 2013

NBSG Survey

Out last night with the Norfolk Barbastelle Study Group surveying a transect within Lower Wood NWT, Ashwellthorpe. By the time we had walked the route in daylight, the hazy evening that had perhaps been in the offing had turned rather damp and overcast. 14 Degrees was warmer than recent weeks however, and Moths were on the wing which was a good sign.

We recorded 10 known Bat passes within the transect, the majority Common Pipistrelles along with a couple that were a little faint and therefore unidentified. Walking back to the car park, we encountered both Soprano and Common Pipistrelles. I love the peace and stillness of a woodland at night, but seemingly Bats aren't quite so keen. The woodland edge and gardens were predictably the best spots.

Despite the Bats not playing ball, Lower Wood is a super reserve nonetheless and access has been made easier thanks to a carpark just off the road through the village. The evening bird song was super, and the smell of wild garlic almost omnipresent throughout the wood. I would imagine a walk later in the Summer could turn up a greater range of Bats, although the analysis of recordings may throw up something else.

EDIT- Recordings analysed by Jane, and indeed we were having a better evening out there than we realised! Most exciting of all were 6 Barbastelle calls, some of which were recorded on my transect and (I hope) missed due to the noise of the rather long grass! Myotis sp. and Noctule from elsewhere also recorded. Blimey!

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