Sunday, 23 June 2013

Some recent goings on at Church Marsh.

Stepping back into last week, I had a good evening session at Surlingham Church Marsh. Whilst I have not yet been able to catch up with the Fox cubs again, a few markers have been laid down suggesting we are now into Summer. 2 Green Sandpiper were on the lagoon on the 19th, returning birds. Hopefully this is a sign of a decent Wader passage this year. Also on the lagoon was the first returning Teal of the Summer, a still smart drake. There were also 5 male Tufted Duck. Not sure if these chaps are returners or not, since Tufted Duck do breed on the reserve. Perhaps they are first Summer birds and/or local failed breeders.

Walking back through the churchyard, I heard the familiar squeak of a young Tawny Owl. The adult was seen briefly, chased into the pines by a noisy Blackbird. This left the young somewhere high amongst the leaves, and try as I might I could not find them! Plus, the adult would clearly have wanted to return, so I didn't look for too long before heading home and leaving the new family in peace.

Having been away at another wedding this weekend (9 in total this year!) it looks like I have missed the Rosy Starling up at Wells. Shame, looked a cracker. However, I do have a day off this Thursday so I am hoping for a warm day for some Raptor watching. I am also out again with the NBSG on Tuesday night, this time searching for the elusive Barbastelle at Taswood Lakes.


  1. I have stayed at Taswood Lakes on a couple of overnight fishing trips with kids and they used to have Glow worms there plus a decent amount of bird-life.


  2. Hi James,

    it was a great evening. I ended up walking a linear route which took in Rainthorpe Hall and the river Tas. Lots of Bat activity, I await the results. Barn Owl, Tawny Owl, 3 Foxes and a Glow Worm too! Will update the blog once the recordings are analysed.