Tuesday, 24 May 2016

NWT New Buckenham Common

On Sunday Debs and I had dinner booked at her mother's, an ideal opportunity to drop in at New Buckenham Common which is just a short walk from their door. Green-winged Orchids were in abundance in patches, and one need not stray far from the path to find them.

As well as these fine specimens, another target was Turtle Dove. Birds were certainly present last year, and this habitat of uncultivated common land and scrub is just ideal. Fortunately, I heard one bird singing and perhaps the same poised on an over-hanging wire. I expect to catch up with the returning pair in mum's garden over half term, but those aside, this will not be a species I record prolifically this year, nor any more. There is hope, for a moratorium on hunting in Malta has been called which will give future birds a chance if everything goes to plan. Hopefully we are not too late.
The Common was alive with Common Whitethroat and Willow Warbler. Single Bullfinch and Linnet were seen. I was shown the web below, home to many Small Eggar Caterpillars.

The previous day, Debs and I attended the Norfolk Wildlife fair, and although we again felt it was not particularly well attended, we enjoyed a decent hog roast, a walk round the hall and a chance to peruse some bird art and literature. I missed Jonny Rankin's talk and never saw the Edible Frogs that live in one of the ponds- at least one of those I can go back for! Speaking to a chap from NARG was the highlight actually. I have always found Reptiles and Amphibians fascinating, and he was able to fuel a bit more of this by telling me Adders have a strong hold in The Broads, and that the Newt in my toilet last year was actually a Smooth, not Great-crested. They welcome Herp sightings, and you can upload them here: http://groups.arguk.org/NARG/


  1. Hi Jim. Great post as usual. I have a question for you and wondered if you had an email address?

  2. Hi Jack. Try me on jimbradley.bradley'at'gmail.com. Just replace the 'at' with @, of course!