Monday, 22 August 2011

Dune walking

washed out Small Copper

'Resting' Small Heath

Debs and I spent a couple of hours searching for Butterflies in the Dunes at Horsey today.
Our main target was Dark Green Fritillary, and we were lucky enough to have 2 individuals give us a fly past; these guys just would not settle! As I understand they are past their 'best' now, and I will return next year with hopefully some photos to share.
My good record with Wall Browns continued, 1/2 seen. Singles of Small Copper and Small Heath were well watched. The Small Heath was at first identified in flight; I later read that these butterflies never rest or feed with wings open. Lazy. 2 Holly Blues, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and plenty of both Large and Small Whites made up the rest of the Lepidoptera.
Ruddy Darter, Migrant Hawker and I believe a male Common Hawker gave us a right show, delaying the drink in the Nelson's Head.
Debs, it was her lucky day, saw 2 Common Lizards. One she claimed was significantly bigger than the other, perhaps a male? Or could it have been something else entirely, since it was but a fleeting view?
Apologies if you are reading for birds, the title of the blog could easily lead one to believe that the content of the writing should be avian-based. With that in mind, we watched a female Sparrowhawk materialise, cruise towards some Swallows, then thought better of it. Why can't I find a Wryneck? Yes, there was that one time on Fair Isle, but that is cheating, right?

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