Monday, 1 August 2011

Extended update part 2- Mothing.

Chinese Character
Swallow Prominent and Peppered
Elephant and Poplar Hawks

Two nights of trapping in a rural garden in Suffolk provided me with new species, ID conondrums and a reason to get up early in the first week of the holidays. I appear to have mislaid my complete lists, so below is a highlights reel, in no order whatsoever:

Dusky Sallow
Poplar Hawk Moth
Elephant Hawkmoth
Swallow Prominent
Brimstone Moth
Dark Arches
Broad-Bordered Yellow Underwing
Orange Moth
Chinese Character
Ruby Tiger
Pale Prominent
Peppered Moth

Not bad!
One in particular threw me, and typically this was the one image that was unfocussed. Can anyone ID the blurry moth with the purple sheen above, top photo?


  1. The Chinese Character looks good, I still haven't seen one of those. Did your blurry moth stand up so that the front was higher than the back? If so could be Contricha flammealis. The link in part 1 doesn't work, it has an extra 'http' in. Also Common Hawkers are rare in Norfolk, did you manage to get any photos? Have a good time in Derbyshire.

  2. Link amended.
    Chap on birdforum says it is Endotrichia flammealis, having checked out various images I think this is it.
    No photos of the Common Hawkers I am afraid, I will try again this week. Had a good look at them so (fairly!) sure of ID. Cheers.

  3. Ah thats the one I thought, I knew "contricha" looked wrong. Thats cool, good to know they are around. The beetle we saw looks like its a Musk Beetle, which can grow to two inches apparently!