Thursday, 11 August 2011

Surlingham and Buckenham stuff

I have to admit, visits to Surlingham have been a little uninspiring of late. Poor weather, very few birds, and a while since a new species. The westerlies are not really conducive to decent migration on this side of the country, and the strong breeze means Warblers are laying low.
On the 9th, kingfisher hunting the main lagoon was brief but pleasing, and the recent glut of sightings lead me to believe there must be a late brood somewhere close. Duck numbers are low, but Teal, Tufted, Shovelor, Mallard and Gadwall are presumably here to stay until the Spring. Both Coot and Moorhen have bred.
Today, a male Kestrel was observed in classic pose, on electricity wires. 3+ Bullfinch were heard, one seen, near the start of the trail. Maybe a family group. Teal numbers were up again, 5+ now. A pair of Blackcap were feeding on berries in scrub. A Pied Wagtail flew upriver.
After lunch and a chance to collect myself, I headed to Buckenham Marshes for further disappointment. No Raptors, no Waders (pools are dry) but plenty of feral geese. A look through the flocks revealed a single White-fronted, local celebrity the Red-breasted x Barnacle, 2 Canada x Greylag and larger numbers of Greylag and Canada. It started to rain, I neglected to count them.
Above are some moody/uplifting pictures from both venues.

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