Monday, 1 August 2011

Extended update part 1- Patch notes

Due to the absence of a computer and the usual self-indulgences I enjoy during the first week of the holidays, an update of my movements has been hard to come by. I am now back online and de-toxing before a weekend in Derbyshire. Here are my recent notes for Surlingham Church Marsh.

On the 25th, 2 broods of Reed Warbler were located. A single Tufted Duck was on the lagoon, no sign of those youngsters. Geese numbers had increased over the river; c50 Egyptian and the Greylag flock now well over 100. Mingling with 5 Canada Geese was an odd looking job, a small mainly black goose, pale cheeks with red fringes. I had it down as a Red-breasted x with either Canada or Barnacle. Later that day, I realised I had seen this bird before, but not in the flesh. Barnacle x Red-breasted it is then.
The 29th was very quiet, duck numbers even lower and Warblers hard to come by. A Kingfisher heading upriver was a welcome sight.
Today, presumably the same Kingfisher whizzed past as I meandered alongside the river. Juveniles of both Chiffchaff and Willow were seen and heard respectively. A female Kestrel and Magpie had let the heat get to them, engaging in an aerial duel. 2 Lapwing were on Wood's End marshes, a Little Egret Flew over and one of the two Little Owls was in the dead tree. The warmth meant plenty of Butterflies were on the wing, as were some Dragonflies. I am still learning with these guys, but I believe the picture shows a splendid looking Migrant Hawker. Please comment if incorrect! Also watched a pair of Brown Hawkers near the Gun Club. A bugger to photo, they just would not settle!

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