Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Breeding Birds at Surlingham

Some great birds around on the patch, Sunday evening. Good to have a second pair of eyes, and it was those belonging to Ricky that picked up the Kingfisher chicks (2, maybe 3) who were awkwardly perched atop the roof of the small pumping station across river. Both adults were in the area, presumably attending to these  newly fledged young. Fantastic stuff. Whilst watching the family, a Common Tern breezed upriver, in doing so smashing my record for number of Terns in a year (one, to two!). Further breeding species included a Chifchaff with brood, Gadwall and Magpie.
I did not hold out much hope on a walk to the Little Owl tree, which I had assumed was still being used by Egyptian Geese. Wrong.
That folks is an action shot of one of two Little Owls seeing off a marauding Magpie family! A closer approach and we were met with some hissing from one adult, we retreated hopeful that there are indeed young inside the gnarled tree. Brilliant! I wonder where the Owls have been all year?
Back on the circuit round, the Gropper continues to reel, and amongst the freshly cut reeds and grass we found a slug/snail orgy:

That folks, is something else altogether. look at that one with the yellow shell- should he be doing that?

I prefer a Ringlet if I'm honest.

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