Sunday, 29 July 2012

Second of the day: Bats, and Cantley

Almost forgot- gave the Bat detector a run out at Strumpshaw Fen on Thursday night. Recorded (I think) 5 species of Bat. The 2 Pipistrelles were common throughout the reserve, Brown Long-eared was recorded near the meadow trail (classic woodland edge habo) and Daubenten's were seen over the pool from reception hide. The frequencies were not as strong here, but the behaviour and habitat moreorless confirms this species as present. For those counting, the 5th species goes down as a possible Serotine, hunting near the pines at reception. Lots to learn here, but Bats are a genuine passion I am finally getting the chance to indulge in.
Today, I went to Cantley Beet Factory. First visit of many this Summer. Always a lot to see here, so a list will have to suffice:

Dunlin 1
Ruff 5
Redshank 1
Green Sandpiper 3
Common Sandpiper 2
Avocet 3
Yellow Wagtail 1- surely a local breeder?
Bearded Tit 2
Lapwing- many!

I checked the back pools too, only one Green Sand here but plenty of (I think) Southern and the odd Migrant Hawker now on the wing. Need to examine these individuals more closely.

                                                                    Yellow Wagtail

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