Sunday, 8 July 2012

Come in come out of the rain!

An excellent visit to the patch on Friday night. 3 Green Sandpiper flew over the lagoon calling, one belted off towards Wheatfen and the other 2 settled out of sight, so I was unable to age any individuals but these are my first returning birds of the year and a welcome sight on the patch once again. Another welcome return of sorts was a singing Grasshopper Warbler at the foot of the ruins. This bird has probably been present since May (when I last saw/heard it) but perhaps now is looking to breed again, after the wet weather put pay to an initial attempt? Who knows.
There are two male Marsh Harriers around now, one is a washed out individual and a little smaller than the smarter, older bird. The former was seen disturbing a nest, possibly of a Great-crested Grebe, bursting out of a small reed bed on the other side of the river. Thankfully for the Grebes, no chick in talons.
Still struggling for Butterflies, but a Comma was seen twice this week and a new for the year here was a Ringlet, pictured below. I was pleased to record Norfolk Hawker here at Surlingham; at least 2 dykes hold this species. A Hairy Dragonfly at rest was a nice find, again a picture to share below.
The much abused sightings board in the hide took a twist this week, the reserve being visited by not only two red data species but also conservation royalty. If you believe everything you read, that is.

                                             That's my writing, above that of 'Dr. Mark Avery'.
                                                                    Hairy Dragonfly

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