Monday, 2 July 2012

Update required.....

...but not much to report!
First off, some breeding records at Surlingham Church Marsh. A female Tufted Duck appeared on the lagoon last weekend, accompanied by 7 Ducklings. Not sure where she has come from, but more than welcome! Also here was a Chinese Water Deer with Fawn at the water's edge, I have never seen a youngster before so a bit of a treat. Further round amongst the scrub, a calling Marsh Tit was a nice suprise, and even better were 1/2 fledged young. I had assumed this would be a bird I encountered only during Winter, so to record breeding has given me hope of more regular sightings. A new bird for the year list (finally) was a Common Tern hunting over the Yare on the 24th of June. Whilst I watched him fish, I scanned the lily pads and sure enough, just as 'the' book suggests, there were some Red-eyed Damselflies zipping around before resting.
A couple of even visits involved some midge/mossie bites to savour, reeling Groppers at Strumpshaw and a good few 55khz Pips out and about. Debs and I also popped to Thorpe one evening last week, good views of Norfolk Hawker in the ditches and a singing Skylark, which I see was a tick for James, although at the time it had not sunk in that this was hardly prime Skylark habo.
Great Moth trapping session at home with the rents on Saturday night into Sunday morning. A Maple Prominent (I believe, see below) looks to be a new species for me. Buff-Tip, Buff-Ermine, Dark Arches, Burnished Brass, Privet Hawk Moth (5 of the beasts!) Common Wainscott, Marbled Minor and Hebrew Character are what I have managed to ID so far, but I shall have to email a few to my expert! Some pictures below, that Buff-tip is incredible, never trapped one in such great condition before.

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