Friday, 22 April 2011

Now thats what I call Surlingham!

You can probably tell by the over-excited title of this post that I am rather pleased with my evening exploits on the patch.
Counted 5 Groppers on the reserve, one of which was across the river, so not technically Surlingham I suppose. Managed a glimpse of one, but as is often the case they remained so close yet so far, a bird that keeps me coming back for more! More Reed Warbler seem to have arrived too. Quite a noise as I completed the circuit.
6 Lapwing were on the lagoon, and as well as displaying they appeared agitated. A closer look revealed the victims of their dive bombing- a pair of Little Ringed Plover, a new bird for me at Surlingham. A Cuckoo then flew over, having been calling from across the river. Yes, another new one but no doubt present every year in ideal habitat.
I didn't try for Little Owl this evening, but on the walk back another Owl started calling, this time a Tawny. I went a bit King/Packham all over it, calling it towards me. It did respond, appearing in a tree close by. My last 'hoot' was in truth poor, and the Owl responded by buggering off. Whoops.
Finding MOJO on the doormat with a free Black Keys CD completed an awesome day!

Turtle Dove joined the Lesser Whitethroat in mother's garden yesterday.

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