Sunday, 10 April 2011

Success in The Brecks?! 09/04/11

A later start than preferred due to an appointment with the doctor meant chances of a Lesser Pecker at Santon Downham were always going to be slim. It was a cracking morning however, plenty of birdsong including Blackcap, Nuthatch, Marsh Tit, Siskin and other woodland residents. In terms of target species, a possible Willow Tit was all we managed, and a brief view of Whitlingham's finest. We had lunch in the sun and headed off to try somewhere different, which in typical brecks fashion shall remain a location 'somewhere in the forest'.
Things really picked up here, beginning with the butterlies on the wing. Holly Blue, Orange Tip, Brimstone, Peacock, Tortoiseshell and Comma were all enjoying the 20 degree plus heat. As were 2 Common Lizards!
2 Woodlark sang from separate clearings, a beautiful song with a real liquid quality I never tire of. Best of all, excellent views of 3+ Goshawk including one bird that flew over head allowing a closer than usual look at the plumage of this enigmatic species.
A familiar call alerted us to the presence of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, which gave a brief view before flying off. Other bits and bobs included A Buzzard carrying a large twig, Kestrel, GS and Green Woodpeckers and a local walker told us a Redstart had been seen earlier in the morning.
So a relatively straightforward and rewarding afternoon, helped in no small part by my uncle and little cousin who joined me for the day. I would back him to find a first for Britain one day; he beat me to a Goshawk shout on more than one occasion!
Debs and I leave for Estonia on Monday, so depending on net access this may be it for a while. But I bet you can't wait for those gripping photos of Steller's Eider, Pygmy Owl and Great Snipe. We can't!

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