Sunday, 3 April 2011

Surlingham yesterday, A&E tomorrow?

Warmest day of the year so far on the patch, and my notebook makes good reading!
I extended the walk this time, taking in Ferry Road which leads down to the pub. Some excellent damp scrub there, and of course I hoped for a Firecrest reported last week from here. No luck there, but a worthwhile extension and a walk I will be doing more often at 'peak' times of the year.
At least 10 Singing Chiffchaff were counted on and around the reserve, along with new arrivals in the form of 3 Willow Warbler, all giving away their presence with a beautiful song. I heard a Sand Martin near the river but could not lock onto it, still a year tick mind! A Blackcap was singing near the pub, another year first, and a male Marsh Harrier gave the ducks a scare over the main lagoon. Hopefully a mate will show up and breeding can commence. Shoveler numbers were up to 6, Cettis up to at least 3.
At least 6 Brimstone butterflies were seen, along with two Commas, a favourite of mine. Their wings look frazzled, like they have been set alight somehow.
A Swallow was seen low over fields near Bramerton on the way home.

I had big plans for today, but finding myself laying flat on my back on the bathroom floor this morning put pay to migrant hunting. Possible shoulder dislocation (again), so off to the docs in the morning. Now, if the WT Eagle would land somewhere, tomorrow afternoon could be interesting.....

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