Monday, 11 April 2011

One final look and more migrants are arriving.

Couldn't resist a last stroll round the patch before heading off to the Baltic, and very glad I did. Mopped up a good few year ticks. I rarely visit the reserve early in the morning, so it was interesting to see so many Rooks around, new for the year. More Blackcaps appeared to have arrived, and I counted 5 Sedge Warbler this time around. A pair of Shelduck were back on the lagoon, and behind them a Barn Owl was out hunting in the morning sun. Sitting in the hide I watched Reed Bunting, another bird which seems to have doubled in number all of a sudden. Another first, a Reed Warbler sang unseen. The Gropper was silent today. I wandered further up the hill in hope of a flyover raptor. Looking in the direction of the village, I spotted a bird sunning itself that I have been trying to locate for a while now- Little Owl. I am fairly sure I have located the nest/roost, and it seems s/he is sharing a tree with a nesting Egyptian Goose! A Swallow on the patch was another year tick, and finally back at the car a calling House Sparrow was also a new bird!! I wonder what will have changed when I next visit in over a week's time. Should have seen a White-tailed Sea Eagle by this time tomorrow, and plenty of seaduck. Lovely stuff. For now, a couple of pics of the humble residents of Surlingham Church Marsh.

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