Thursday, 5 May 2011

Evening update from the patch

After the glut of new birds at Surlingham recently, I was perhaps a little greedy in hoping for another tonight. Although no new birds were counted, Hobby cannot be far away from appearing. With the water level on the lagoon still low, I am hopeful for a wader or two Sunday morning.
The Greenshank was still present on the lagoon, happy to wade up to its breast in the water to the left of the hide. The Lapwing was sitting tight, and an Oystercatcher called overhead. I notcied that the only duck species present were Gadwall and Mallard; perhaps that will be that until failed breeders return. The usual warblers were vocal, in one spot a Sedge and Reed Warbler were sharing the same square foot of reedbed it seemed.

A final highlight was a Great-spotted Woodpecker, a bird I have seen on and off but not for some time. The male pictured below was 'chip' calling and drumming on the edge of the scrub and woodland near the church. Other birds of note on and around the reserve included Mistle Thrush, calling Cuckoo and the first Egyptian Goose chick.

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