Monday, 16 May 2011

Weekend round-up: Did I see it?

Yes, if you are thinking of the Lesser Yellowlegs at Cley. And a lovely looking bird it was too, made all the more sweet considering this has been a bit of a bogey bird for me; dipped 3 times when living in Suffolk. And waders, I can watch all day.

O.K, Great Snipe- arrived in the hide at 6.15am, it was packed! The door guardian ushered me behind him and to the right, where I waited for around an hour until people started filtering out. No sign, and when I heard some people had been present since half 4 (maybe some even stayed in the hide through the night?) I felt a little lucky in a strange way. Leaving the hide, I quickly picked up the Yellowlegs on a pool along with 2 Wood Sandpiper, Dunlin and a Little-ringed Plover. I thought the Dunlin looked rather smart, even at a distance, and today I noticed RBA are reporting a possible American Dunlin. Interesting. I have since had a gander at my shorebirds book, which suggests Pacifica and Hudsonia have slightly longer bills, bright chestnut scapulars and a large belly patch. A little annoyed with myself that I didn't take any notes about this bird I saw on Saturday morning, but truth be told I was knackered, and an American Calidris was not really on my radar. I need to be a better birder.

Surlingham Sunday morning was a nice stroll as usual, and whilst no new species were added to the reserve list I did observe Blackcap, Blue and Great Tit carrying food. In fact, I even got a shot of a Blue Tit at the nest; a hole in the ruins.

There seem to be 2 Lapwing nests, although one parent was worryingly casual about the business of looking after the eggs, if indeed there are any.

Oh, the Snipe is still about at Cley, if anyone has a spare few days.

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