Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Overdue update- worth the wait!

I almost felt like a half decent birder as I trudged down the track adjacent to the river at Surlingham Church Marsh this evening. A bunch of chip-chip calls overhead, and looking up I knew exactly what I was going to see- Crossbills! I raced back up the track, and viewed across the meadow and located the birds sat atop a pine tree looking like classic Crossbills. They didn't hang around, but what a bird for the patch, elated!
The rest of the reserve was pretty lively tonight; along with the usual warblers and Reed Buntings a Lapwing chick was 'new in'. Rather worryingly it was moreorless left to its own devices, the mother remained sat tight. Perhaps another egg yet to hatch? However, as soon as a Grey Heron drifted across the lagoon, birds from both pairs launched themselves bravely at the Heron. One of many skirmishes I expect. A Water Rail was the first squealer for some time.
Near the gun club, a Treecreeper gave a couple of bursts of its unobtrusive song, and a Little Egret flew east. At least 4 Blue/Great Tit nests counted, need to do a proper survey next week.
I also saw 2 foxes tonight. One was on the other side of the river, presumably the same individual I have seen here in the past. However, at the ruins a different male almost trotted right up to me, checked me out, and plodded away in no great rush. Probably my best ever views of a Fox, and a close encounter I am still buzzing from!
Still no Hobby, Turtle Dove or Spotted Flycatcher yet; still time, I keep telling myself.

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