Thursday, 12 May 2011

If you're looking for rare, look on.

The magnificent Citrine Wagtail aside, I haven't seen many 'rare' birds of late. I am partly to blame, since both the recent Collared Flycatcher and Great Snipe were just about gettable from my place in Norwich, but I refrained from making the journey on both occassions. It was late, my football team were playing, I had just opened a beer, I really should find my own and what if I miss it were my main excuses/thoughts. However, the Snipe lekking is a mindblower, and as I type a Lesser Yellowlegs has also made landfall at Cley. Could be worth a trip over the weekend, a rare foray to the north coast from this birder increasingly comfortable in The Broads.
Surlingham Church Marsh allowed for some classic British birding yesterday evening. The usual Reed and Sedge Warblers were in full voice and active across the reedbeds. 2 Lapwing are now nesting, significant for the Yare Valley. A male Sparrowhawk materialised, as they tend to do, and drifted over the reedbed. A Kingfisher was again on the river, and a Fox showed well in amongst the long grass. Another birder put me onto a resting Treecreeper, and also said that a pair of Kingfisher have been using one of the dykes and are presumably nesting somewhere nearby. Talk of Otters using the reserve is great, but I never see them!
No new birds for the reserve or year list this evening but nonetheless a Spring evening worth blogging about.

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