Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hobby cruises in

Sometimes, things just fall into place. Doing the circuit around Surlingham Church Marsh this morning, I had been thinking about seeing a Hobby. A harbinger of Summer, a true athlete in the birding world. On cue, he appeared, zooming low across the reedbed announcing himself with a gust of wind. Lovely stuff! This was a bird I saw regularly last year, late summer, so hopefully this year I will be lucky enough to see juveniles fledge here or nearby.
Another year tick came in the form of a Yellowhammer, on the other side of the river at Wood's End. I expect there are more birds around on the farmland but I have been a little lazy and neglected this part of the reserve. Furthermore, no sign of the Little Owl again, prompting me to conduct a thorough search of the field and surrounding trees soon.
The Lapwing chick bravely survives, and the other female remains sat tight. A single Shelduck was on the lagoon. A Little Egret flew over, and maybe a different individual did the same around an hour later. 2 male Marsh Harriers were calling/shouting at each other high above the reedbed, and the 'intruder' elected to move on after a brief scuffle. Surlingham regaining its status as a raptor hotspot then.
Also of note, 4/5 Mistle Thrushes were in the sheep field next to Church Lane.
A Buzzard was seen over woods between Rockland and Surlingham.

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